You did not sign up to learn remotely this semester, but here you are. Likewise, your faculty and instructors did not sign up to teach remotely either, but they are doing all they can to keep your learning going. In short, everyone is in this together.
Our number-one priority right now is keeping the MIT community (whether on-campus, off-campus, near or far) safe---and still connected to one another. During this unprecedented time, your learning will be impacted. Your instructors know this, and keep in mind that they too will be facing their own set of challenges, and we hope opportunities.
In this time of uncertainty, many things will not go according to plan. Here’s some simple advice: Expect and offer empathy, not perfection. Stay flexible. Be patient. And be sure to tend to your own needs and look out for each other.
We have developed these guidelines to help you make the most of this new mode of education. Ultimately, learning and teaching are what we always do, together; and soon we’ll be doing it remotely, together.